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My Anthem '10: Aloe Blacc - "I Need A Dollar" (Video)

No Bean Pies: Rapper-Soulster Aloe Blacc

Every year on BEATS and RANTS, I nominate one or two songs to be my "Get Money" anthem for the remaining year. My ideal of a "Get Money" anthem is a song that either make you think or motivates you to go out and achieve those dreams and accumulate that "paper" (i.e., money, greenbacks, Almighty dollar).

In 2007, it was Rich Boy's "Throw Some D's" and Mims' "This is Why I'm Hot."

In 2008, it was Black Spade's "Not For the Bullshit"

In 2009, it was Rick Ross's "Rich Off Cocaine"

In 2010, my "Get Money" anthem is . . . drum roll, please!

Aloe Blacc -- "I Need A Dollar" (Video)

This is a helluva video from rapper-turned-bonafide soul crooner Aloe Blacc. The song, "I Need a Dollar," is the first single from his upcoming disc, Good Things. Some of you might recognize the track as the theme song to the HBO series How to Make It in America.

The clip is smart and full of visuals that helps make the song that much more compelling for our economic times. Not only is life hectic, but the streets is manic, as well. The song represents the struggle for those trying to make it in America. Therefore, I nominate this song as my "Get Money" anthem.

Blacc's voice is a mixture of Bill Withers and the late soul legend Marvin Gaye. Time will only tell if he can transcend people with his voice like his soul peers did before him. Dubbed the "the indie R. Kelly" by online music store Turntable Lab, Blacc also can sing in Spanish as heard on his Spanish-language rendition of John Legend's "Ordinary People."