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The Bawse: Rapper Rick Ross

Let's keep it real: In 2009, 50 Cent roasted Rick Ross' ass like a barbecue pig at a Hawaiian luau.

And yes, Rick did lied about being a Florida Correction Officer.

Such transgressions would have ruin any other rapper's career, but not the "Bawse."

Despite Fiddy's ongoing lyrical and satirical onslaught, Miami rapper Rick Ross undoubtedly released one of the most symphonic crack-rap albums in 2009 with Deeper Than Rap.

What made Deeper Than Rap such an enjoyable listen was a combination of Ross's conviction in his lyrics and the orchestral productions (I will dubbed the "Maybach International Sound"). His first single, "Magnificent" (featuring John Legend), is the perfect getaway song. For me, "Rich Off Cocaine" (Featuring Avery Storm) was a grandiose life anthem, as Ross embraces life's biggest pursuits -- money and happiness.

Later into the album, Officer Ricky addresses those "C.O." allegations on the introspective track "Valley of Death":

"Call ya boy a C.O./ But if I really was when all these niggas undercover fuckin niggas up/ Keep it trill a nigga never had a gun and badge/ Kept a nice watch/ Smokin on a hundred sacks."

Near at the end of the song, Rick offers some words to live by in this recession:

"Can't criticize niggas tryna get jobs/ Better get smart young brotha live yours/ You only live once and I got two kids / And for me to feed them I get two gigs/ I'll shovel shit/ I'll C.O./ So we can bow our head s and pray over the meatloaf/ I'm lookin at the big picture/ Keep a bitch with ya/ Tryna get a bit richa."

And if you are a Black man in America, it get no deeper than that.

Deeper Than Rap was far from a perfect album, but it was bigger than life. The now double-platinum collection sounded better than anything that came out in 2009, and you can thank Florida production teams J.U.S.T.I.C.E League and The Runners for that.

In parting, I'm going to leave you with Combat Jack's comments that sums up perfectly of Rick Ross' perseverance in 2009:

"In real life, [Rick Ross' ex-girlfriend]  Tia and his son were having mad shits and giggles on play dates up in Floyd Mayweather's home, but on wax, Deeper Than Rap beat the shit outta  [50's] Before I Self Destruct. In real life, Ross might still be losing, but on records, he was the clear winner."

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