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Clash Of The Hip-Hop Titans

Let's get ready to rumble!

It's official.

Kanye West and 50 Cent are ready to go album-to-album on Sept. 11. Kanye's Graduation and 50's Curtis are set to release their collection on the same day, and they are not moving. "I'm coming September 11," spits Fiddy. "If Kanye comes that day, he comes that day. That'll be great. [But] I think his people are smart. I think they'll move [their release date]. But I'm coming September 11."

Kanye says he won't push back the release date of his new album because he feels that the battle is positive for hip-hop. "I'd rather come out on a day like that, up against 50 -- where people are excited about going to the stores and it's an event and people talk about it," he tells MTV. "And be No. 2 on that day rather than come out [at No. 1] on a day nobody cares about."

Unfortunately, Kanye stuck his foot in his mouth with that last comment.

Please ladies and gentlemen, no matter how insignificant or unrelated Sept. 11 is to you, it is a very important day to remember and to memorialize. I was in New York when this tragic event happened. It was very disheartening to see the sadness, the loss and chaos that occurred on that day.

Sept. 11 is a day that I will never forget.

Rest in Power to all of the police and firefighters who loss their lives during their heroic act of bravery trying to save people. God bless to all of the victims' families.

Now back to this rap battle.

K-Weezy also believes that Sept. 11 will go down in the record books, as well. "It's about things going down in history," he states. "It's not that much exciting stuff in hip-hop right now. I think people are going to make it more than what I'm making it myself. At the end of the day, I'm making music and I'm trying to sell."

Kanye even alluded that he might win the coveted Album of the Year trophy at the 2008 Grammy Awards in February.

Slow your roll, K-Don -- that might not happen. Plus, after listening to Common's Finding Forever, I think its time that the veteran Chicago MC gets his due. I'm telling you folks, Finding Forever is a hip-hop masterpiece.

I'll talk more about it when I actually get a hard copy of the disc in my hands and listen to it on my iPod. My Internet copy is good, but I want the real thing. I want to hold that sucka in my hands and smell the CD booklet. Ya feel me?

Anyway, I have created a music poll -- it's located on the right side of this blog. So please participate in the poll so I can get a consensus on this Kanye West vs. 50 Cent album-sales battle. Thanks!