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My Anthems '07

(both photos jacked from AOL. Shhhh!)

In 2005, it was 50 Cent's "Ski Mask Way." (R.I.P. Disco D)

In 2006, it was Rick Ross' "Hustlin'."

In 2007, I have two "get money" anthems that motivates me to work hard and achieve my life goals assignments.

Rich Boy -- "Throw Some D's"

Mims -- "This is Why I'm Hot"

The sad part about both of these songs is that they feature bullshit lyrics. But these street bangers do boast a head-nodding beat and an infectious hook. As far as I'm concern, Rich and Mims have the first two great anthemic tracks of 2007.

I just have to flipped the lyrics a little to fit my life.

For Example:

When I'm working at the office and I'm behind on deadline, I say to myself, "I betta throw some D's on this assignment and get it to the editor."

Yeah, I know, "throw some D's on my work?" Hey whatever gets me motivated. As soon as I hear that Rich Boy track and I'm revved up. And yes, I do like producer Palow da Don's verse: "I never slip, I never fall/ A lot of ho's give me they numbers but I never call . . . "

As for Mims' catchy "This is Why I'm Hot" -- a slick amalagamation of snap, crunk & hip-pop -- I used the song to boost my self-aggrandizement.

Like, two weeks ago, when I gave two boxes of my old clothes away to the local Salvation Army, I walked around all day rapping to myself:

"This is why I'm hot/
This is why I'm hot/
I give back to the 'hood/
Most rappers do not/
This song is the shit/
And I can't stop/
This is why, This is why
This is why I'm hot"

Ha! Ha! Let me stop trippin'. Anyway, I'm just giving you a glimpse into how my crazy mind works sometimes.

So what is your motivational anthem for 2007?