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"Something, something, something, something just ain't right . . it just ain't right . . . "
-- Keith Sweat, "Just Ain't Right"

Another tragic episode of VH1's reality series Flavor of Love 2 airs tonight.

I'm still dizzy over last week's episode, in which a female contestant took a dump on the floor.

If you haven't heard by now, a female player on the show nicknamed Somethin shat on the floor in Flavor Flav's mansion. Then ran up the stairs and took another crap on the steps leading to the bathroom.

Yeah, I know . . . trifilin'.

If you want to watch a recrap, err, a recap of the infamous doo-doo scene, then click HERE.

What astounds me is that Somethin wasn't even booted off the show. In fact, Flavor Flav laughed off the incident as a mindless accident. It would be real interesting to see how long Somethin stays on the show -- best bet, it won't be too long.

And as far as I'm concern, if she has another shit attack . . . she should be thrown out the door or a window -- which ever is closer!

But Flavor Flav is a nice guy.

In an Us Online interview exclusive, Flav Flav explained why he kept Sumthin on the show after she shat on the floor. It's truly endearing -- please read further. (BTW -- I love the word "shat")

To wit:

Us Online: Now what happens this season, what kind of challenges do the women face? What are you making the women do this time around?
Flavor Flav: I make the women be more themselves, I take them out on dates and I give them more challenges. One thing that you guys have to watch, I got a girl on one of the episodes, at the end we are making a toast, the girl had to go to the bathroom real bad, she could not hold it, and it dropped on the floor.

Us: I saw that a little bit on the preview.
FF: That was one of the most memorable points of the show right now. That girl making a poop on the floor. And six cameras caught her picking it up off the floor, trying to smear it with her hand, and then it caught her smelling her hand, and when she was going up the stairs another piece dropped out of her. It made a crazy odor in the house, I swear that odor was so bad you might be able to smell it though the TV. It was kind of gross.

Us: What was everyone’s reaction?
FF: Everyone's reaction was crazy, it was out of this world, we never seen nothing like it. Never in the history of TV something like this happen. Only on Flavor of Love.

Us: I understand you keep this woman around? You don't ditch her?
FF: I don't ditch her man. In a matter of fact[sic], Flavor Flav is a very big hearted, kindhearted person and my heart was big enough to give this lady a chance.

Us: Well that's very nice of you.
FF: I know nobody else would do this. Anyone else would've eliminated her right off the bat. They would have kicked her out.

You are absolutely right Foofy. Taking a shit on the floor is a no-no in the T-Fizzle (that's me) household.

Not surprisingly, the episode was a ratings winner for VH1. A whopping 3.3 million viewers watched the season premiere of FOL last Sunday. Now that's crap-static!

And Fresh from Crunk & Disorderly uncovered something that is truly something -- Sumthin in her birthday suit. (***WARNING: Pictures are NSFW and may burn your eyeballs out! Proceed with caution!)