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Soul Survivor

Fuck Young Jeezy . . . Charmaine Neville is the real "Soul Survivor." Yeeeeauuh.

Charmaine Neville -- a member of one of New Orleans' great musical families the Neville Brothers, among others -- describes to her horrific ordeal of escaping from her home in Baton Rouge, La., after Hurricane Katrina destroyed her entire neighborhood. She witnessed hundreds of dead bodies floating in the water, citizens committing suicide, and sadly, she was raped at a shelter during her chaotic days trying to survive.

"What he (the rapist) took from me was nothing, because he can't take my spirit," Charmaine says. "He can't take my soul. My soul is New Orleans."
[Charmaine] believes brass bands will play in Congo Square again, that her city will rise again. "It may take us a couple of years, but it's gonna happen. We will not abandon our home. God put his foot down and that's why Louisiana's shaped like a boot. He said good people who have faith in me, who love life, who love good food, who love music, these is the kind of people who need to be here, and that's why we were born there."

Check out this VIDEO (Click on 3: Charmaine Neville-New Orleans Evacuee).

May God continue to bless Charmaine's soul.

And best wishes to those who are still recovering in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

I will keep you in my prayers.