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Monday Mutterings 13

This Nigger's Crazy, Part II

Rabid Journalist Kevin Powell

We all know Stanley Crouch is a crazy motherfucker who likes to bitch-slap writers, but who knew that author/speaker/hip-hop pundit Kevin Powell would go buck-wild on a journalist? I don't know if this is true or not [Editor's Note: Apparently, this incident did happened -- fellow blogger/journalist Lynne d. Johnson witnessed it] but according to the New York Post (dated Aug. 10, 2004), Kevin allegedly pulled an "a la Mike Tyson" and bit another journalist on the ankle.

The Post reports:

Stuff magazine contributor Bart Graham claims [Kevin] Powell sucker-punched him in the face after the two argued about a mutual female friend. Graham says he headed for the door after Powell's punch, but the rabid Real World-er confronted him again. "This time I grabbed him by his throat and threw him on the ground," Graham tells us. "After security pulled me off, he crawled over and bit me in the shin."
What the hell is going on with our esteemed writers?!?

I have known Kevin to be a stand-up guy, but this shit is kind of ridiculous. And for the record, Kevin is not a crazy nigger, unlike, Mr. Crouch, but still, ah, what's up with the girlie-man move, Mr. Powell?

But seriously . . . brothas we have work it out.

Fellow scribe Jimi Izrael takes Kevin to task for his alleged biting incident. He writes:

Kevin Powell [is] out there biting muthafuckas. That shit ain't street, hip-hop or anything -- it's amateur hour -- no debating that. How we got grown-ass men running around fighting people -- journalists, no less -- [and] for what?! Then you got Kevin, who was talking that "mantle of leadership" bullshit a few months ago. Nice.

Note to Kevin: biting niggas on the ankle is some Catfight/Crackhead Gladiators-type shit. Man-up, son.

Ha-ha. Funny shit.

So now you know. The journalistic life can be a hectic one.

Man-up, son.

Additive note: Check out Jimi's second hilarious story about his heated e-mail correspondence with Rap Coalition founder Wendy Day. Jimi is having a spat with Wendy over her dropping a $40 bid on E-bay to meet X-Clan's founding member Professor X. It's a VAN-Glorious read. You Sisssss-eeeeee . . .