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Monday Mutterings 12

The Kings of Rap: Run-DMC

I copped this fun music survey (or meme) from Casper at Chromatic Musings. He saw it over at Frank's blog, Chromewavesdotnet. A bevy of music bloggers caught the meme flu at Blogcritics, as well.

First Record Bought: Run-DMC / King of Rock (on cassette)
First Concert: Fresh Fest '84 at the then-called Spectrum (now First Union Center) in Philadelphia.
Favorite Music Movie: Cooley High -- this classic urban teen movie featured some great Motown classics as well as soul crooner G.C. Cameron's tear-jerky ballad, "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday."
Favorite Music Book: Chasing the 'Trane By J.C. Thomas.
Favorite Songwriter: Stevie Wonder
Favorite Producer: Past -- The Bomb Squad/ Present -- Madlib
Favorite Record Label: Past -- Def Jam/Present -- Stones Throw
Favorite Magazine[s]: Fader magazine / Complex magazine
Favorite Bassist: Bootsy Collins
Favorite Album Cover: A Love Supreme/John Coltrane
Favorite Music DVD: Only the Strong Survive
Favorite Teen Idol: Past -- LL Cool J / Present -- Ciara (I love her "Goodies")
Artist Who [Disappointed You]: R. Kelly. Why did you have to pee on that girl, man? Why?!?!
Five Artist[s] You Will Always Believe In: Prince, Ice Cube, Stevie Wonder, John Coltrane and Rick James (R.I.P.). One more: Chuck D.
Singer Who Makes Your Skin Crawl: Macy Gray
Singer Who Makes You Swoon: Alicia Keys. Runners-up: Beyoncé and Jean Grae . . . and Mariah Carey. . . yeah, I swoon easy.
Favorite Sound: Soft melodramatic piano like Alicia Keys's "Diary" or Stevie Wonder's "Lately."
Album You Will Always Defend:
Album You Own That No One Else Does: City Life/ Boogie Boys -- on vinyl in mint condition.
Classic Album You Own but Don't Like: Fear of a Black Planet/ Public Enemy
Artist You're Supposed to Like but Don't: Elvis Presley. I also don't care much for Lil Jon even though he is a talented rapper-producer. I don't care much about the crunk scene either.
Song You Can't Stand by an Artist You Like:
Band [Or Group] That Should Break Up: Destiny's Child. Do we really want to hear another album from them?
Band [Or Group] That Should Re-form: A Tribe Called Quest.
Guilty Pleasure: Weird "Al" Yankovic
Concert You Wish You'd Seen: Jimi Hendrix -- anywhere in concert.
Dream Collaboration: Earth, Wind & Fire and the Doobie Brothers [with frontman Michael McDonald].