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Kanye West: I Am Hip-Hop, Damn It!

Kanye West may have fallen into the trap of Icarus in his thinking that his debut CD College Dropout is indeed a hip-hop classic.

As Kanye soars into pop stratosphere with hubris, he is being thwarted by a few naysayers who think his disc is not so good, which melts his pride and hurls him earthward.

Kanye West Doesn't Need Critics to Tell Him He's Good - He Knows It

Kanye West's debut album, The College Dropout, is a masterful piece of work that should be mentioned among the classic albums of our time. That's what West thinks. And he'll tell you so again and again and again.

"You can't judge The College Dropout. It's something completely different," the 27-year-old musician declared in a recent interview with The Associated Press. "It's definitely a classic, if I stepped aside from myself and say that . . . we'll see the results in the next six months, of whether it did change the game or whether it is it's own entity."

"And I'm very creative. I always want to do something different from what everybody else is doing, ever since I was little."

I think Kanye West's The College Dropout changed the rap game on so many levels but falls short of hip-hop classic status because of the awful skits and some lackluster productions featured on some of the songs. Six months from now, Kanye's album would be look upon as an inspiration for more Humanism in hip-hop.

And Kanye, you're a motherfuckin' genius, no matter what the critics say.

You can catch Kanye West opening up for another genius, R&B crooner Usher on his "Truth" tour, which kicks off Aug. 5 in Hampton, Va. To find out when these two music masterminds are hitting a venue near you, click HERE.