Philly Hip-Hoppers King Britt And ?uestlove Are D.L. Brothers
News Headlines (Limerick Style): Kanye, Jigga, 2Pac, hip-hop cops

Basketball Jones; Sunday-8

Detroit Pistons' BenWallace

Don't get it twisted, I'm the originator of this Sunday meme shit -- check the archives:

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Playoffs:: Go New Jersey Detroit!
  2. Morris:: Phillip
  3. Break up:: Breakin' All the Rules starring Jamie Foxx
  4. Eggs:: Lightly scrambled with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese
  5. Parker:: Peter
  6. Hardy Boys:: Mystery
  7. Deluxe:: Saucy Dame
  8. Protection:: Don't need it
  9. Girl Scout:: Cookies; I love the Do-si-dos!
  10. Salsa:: Tomato; Tastes great with grilled swordfish

This week's Sunday Brunch is for the ladies only, so you might want to click HERE and check it out. Whoever thought of that meme gets the bozack.

So I nabbed another weird meme:

SaturdaySunday-8 :: Movies And Oil

1. Today I am going to see the movie Troy, as it stars my favorite actor of all time. Are you planning on seeing it? Why or why not?

Fuck Brad Pitt. Fuck Troy. Fuck this wack meme.

2. The other day I purchased gas for $2.07 per gallon. I about threw up. What is the current gas price in your area?

It's about the same here in New Jersey. Blame it on George Bush.

3. Who are your first and second actor/actress "loves"?

My first is Jennifer Lopez and not because I think she is a great actress. I just love J.Lo's big, round booty. My second would have to be Halle Berry -- she is so damn fwwiiine.

4. I am going to Canada in July, and had to purchase my tickets waaay early because we're afraid the ticket prices will go up dramatically due to the rising oil prices. Are you traveling this summer on a vacation?

Yeah, to South Carolina (for a family reunion), and hopefully, to Minneapolis.

5. Is there any movie that you're looking forward to see this summer, or any books you want to read this summer?

I'm really interested in seeing Mario Van Peeples's new movie Baadasssss!, which is about the making of the blaxploitation classic Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song directed by Mario's father, Melvin Van Peeples.

6. What is your favorite vacation destination, and why?

Anywhere that's hot, preferably a tropical island.

7. Have you heard about If so, have you joined/are you planning to join, and why/why not?

I don't give a fuck.

8. Are you a good flier? I have problems on takeoff, but landing and flying are no problem.

Yeah, I'm a good flier. You need to stop acting like a neurotic twit. Get on the plane and deal with your fears.