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I swiped this from the brotherlove ::

My laptop computer is on the fritz -- the screen (monitor) blew out -- so I'm on a quasi-hiatus until I cop a new laptop. It shouldn't be long. Right now, I'm doing some research and deciding whether I should go Mac or Windows. I like the ibook but I also like the new Compaq PC, too. Decisions, decisions.

In my absence, please partake in visiting my friends under the "Diarists" list to your right. There’s a lot of good stuff going on in the blogsphere.

Lynne d Johnson has been on a tear recently. She wrote an exceptional review on a Sun Ra DVD release. (BTW, John Coltrane looked up to Sun Ra as his mentor and spiritual advisor. Much of John's last recordings like Sun Ship, Om and Innerstellar Regions -- which were deemed experimental by jazz purists -- were partly (if not entirely) influenced by his association with Sun Ra.

Hip-Hop Journalism At Its Finest ::

Hip-Hop And Sexism 101: Bitch, Please!

And don’t forget to read stuff from Jay Smooth, Prince C, Ian and Chenault. These guys are putting it down for hip-hop. Ya heard me?

Music I’m Listening To ::

I copped the N.E.R.D. CD Fly or Die over the weekend and I love the disc, so far.
Usher's Confession is kinda lukewarm for me. I love the Jermaine Dupri-produced "Burn," and the Just Blaze-blessed banger "Throwbacks" is a definite radio hit. The rest sounds like mediocre R&B slop.

I'm Still Tripping Off Of This:

Serena Williams is dating filmmaker Brett Ratner(Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2).

Now what the fuckis this? How did a sloppy-looking, overweight dude like Brett Ratner netted a tennis goddess like Serena Williams? I’m baffled by it all.

And Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson are a couple?

Sheeeet. If these two ugly, corny-ass clowns can snag two of the flyest honeys in America, maybe I can pull Jennifer Lopez. I'm no Denzel Washington, but hell, I look way better than Brett and J-Diddy. Or is all about the money and power? None of which I don’t have. Hmmm?

I'm out!