Let It Flow
We Don't Need Homo-Thugs . . . Just Great Rhyme-Spitters

You Do the Math

Free Weezy -- It's the ROC beeyotch!

"Freeway got it in like 10 in the mornin'
And I can get it to ya like 10 while you yawnin' mayne . .
Still deliver the order mayne!
And I ain't talkin' bout chicken and gravy mayne!
I'm talkin' bout bricks, 'o ye-yo, halves and quarters,
4 and a halves of hash, you do the math
Swing past us scoop up your daughter
She wanna roll wit' a thug that rap, you do the math
He won't blast 'til my stacks in order mayne!"
Freeway "What We Do"

"Math" also is slang for "figure it out"