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We Don't Need Homo-Thugs . . . Just Great Rhyme-Spitters

Gay Rapper Caushun

Madison of Diesel Nation defended the "Homo-Thug" in reponse to an article that was published recently about "down-low" brothers.

Who are "down-low" brothers?

Well, according to the story's author Frank Leon Roberts:

The "D.L." brothers are African-American men who have sex with other men but do not identify themselves as gay. Mr. Roberts goes further and explains that "D.L. brothers are often no more insecure about their sexuality than anyone else. They've just embraced a low-key, mellow style that lets them admit to same-sex desires without necessarily coming out in the traditional sense. They 'come out' as D.L.

I have no clue what Frank Roberts is talking about. I have never heard of a D.L. brother. And as far as them being controversial in black America, the only controversy I see is author Frank's paranoia of gay men.

To be honest with you, I don't believe in all of this homo-thug, homo-rapper or queer-rapper nonsense. If you are gay and you got lyrical skills then you are rapper, a wordsmith, a poet or a rhyme-spitter. No need to slap a "homo-thug" tag in order to get a rep.

Reading Diesel's post reminded me of Lynne d. Johnson's story back in April about Gay Rappers Getting Record Deals.

The question was raised in the New York Times piece (written by Touré) – is the hip-hop nation ready for a gay [rapper]?

For me, the answer is quite simple . . . absolutely.
I'm in agreement with gay rapper Tim'm West:

"The openly gay MC is here. Will you or will you not respond to it? If you don't, I'm still going to keep making rhymes. I'm not interested in whether or not America is ready for me. I'm here."

Unfortunately, Touré has a really bad ear when it comes to this hip-hop shit and has pinned his hopes on a rhyme-spitter named Caushun to bring something fresh to the game. The flamboyant rhyme-slinger sees himself as hip-hop's homosexual Jackie Robinson that will break down the homophobic barriers in the music industry. His new CD titled Shock and Awe (now retitled Proceed With Caushun) is set to hit stores this summer and it's being distributed on Baby Phat Records – owned by rap mogul Russell Simmons and his wife, Kimora.

To be honest, I think Caushun is not a very good lyricist. He doesn't have "the voice" or the lyrical skills to take it to the next level. To listen to a couple of songs from Caushun, click THIS.

But I do believe that hip-hop is ready for a gay rapper – just one with strong lyrical skills, and more importantly, a gay rapper who doesn't use his or her gayness as a crutch.

Which brings me to this guy . . ?

Gay Rapper TruDog

Ladies and Gentlemen: Meet gay rapper TruDog aka The Notorious Homo Thug (real name Anthony Truly).

TruDog says he's bringing some new flavor to the game and it's called "Flip-Hop."

What is Flip-Hop?

Flip-Hop is hip-hop with a twist of gay empowerment, fag-hag advice and irresistible tracks with funky and catchy beats.

On TruDog's new CD The Notorious Homo Thug, he believes that a "homo-thug is a myth." He's currently selling his disc independently in New York via his record label TruDog Records and is generating a lot of buzz in the local area. "It's not enough [for] people to listen to my music," says TruDog about his CD. "I want them to masturbate to it as well."

Ahhh . . . okay.

I haven't heard any of his music, so I don't know how hot he is with the lyrics. It's a sure bet that he's probably not a good rapper. And so far, this looks like a joke to me. The only good thing about this cat – I guess – is that he's helping to promote "safer sex in the 'hood" with his CD. Apparently, on the disc, TruDog graphically explains (or displays?) the proper method of applying a condom to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Like I said before, I'm all for gay rappers in hip-hop . . .

But we don't need homo-thugs . . . just great rhyme-spitters. Gay or Straight.