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Beats And Rants 2.1

Ta Daaaaa!

Welcome to the brand new Beats and Rants 2.1! That's right! Your boy Trent is trying to do big things and I'm living large on TypePad! (I see you Madison!)

I told y'all I was about to take Beats & Rants to the next level . . . you thought I was playin'?

Right now, I'm beta testing TypePad to see if there are any bugs with this thing. Plus, I'm looking around to see if everything is working properly. So far, so good.

So please look around at my blog. Look at all of the links and please leave a comment. If there are any links that don't work . . . holla at me! If you don't like the color . . . holla at me! If you don't like the design . . . holla at me! If you have an opinion about my tastes in music . . . holla at me!

It doesn't mean that I will change anything, but I would like to know what you – my faithful readers – think of my blog.

Some of y'all have been with me at Easy Journal [to check out my old journal, click this], and you know how that journal looks – like Beyoncé . . . straight Booty.

I will continue to post some stuff over there at my Easy Journal site . . . but eventually, this will be Beats & Rants' future home.

But hold up! Not a damn thing has changed! I will still continue to provide you with the hottest beats (music), some rants and hopefully some inspiration.

Beats & Rants 2.1 is still in its early stages, so there's still more things to come.

Yo J-Dilla! Thanks for the advice and your time. But I couldn't do it yo . . . heads are scuurred of the Magic Negro! But Magic Negro Thundercats are never scuurred!

Holla At Cha Boy!